Evaporation coolers

The Evaporative Process

Evaporative cooling are natures own cooling process. Evaporation is the process used by your body to keep you cool. On a hot day, your body perspires and this moistureevaporates into the air in contact with your skin. Because the evaporation process absorbs heat, your skin feels cool. The faster the air moves over your skin, the cooler you feel.

A canvas bag of water which some motorists hang in front their cars, cools the water as the air moves over a saturated surface. The water during the evaporation process absorbs heat. The water used in evaporative coolers cools the air through evaporation. This process is cooling by evaporation and the result is cool humidified air.

The Evaporative Cooling System

The installed coolers are connected permanently to the water supply. The water level is controlled by a ball valve. The water is filtered through a water filter strainer to eliminate any blockage in the system. A pump circulates the water from the reservoir to the top of the cooler where the water is distributed to the Celdeck filter pads.

The Celdeck pads become saturated with water and the axle fan draws the warm air from outside and forces it through the wet pads. As the air passes through the saturated and moisture laden Celdeck filter pads, the air gets cooled by the evaporation. The result is clean cool filtered fresh healthy air.

Unlike the dry, positively ionised, artificially chilled air produced by convectional refrigerated air conditioners, the cooler delivers cool, humidified, negatively ionised air which is far kinder to sensitive nasal passages, eyes and skin. Nasal passages do not dry up and therefore colds are less likely. The negative ions generate a feeling of relaxed enthusiasm as opposed to the feeling of depression generated by positive ions.

Cost Effectiveness

In comparison with refrigerated systems, evaporative coolers consumes about one tenth of the electrical energy making them the most effective cooling system available.

Depending on the degree of pollution in the environment, mainly dust and dirt, you will only need to clean the water reservoir at the end of each season, more often in very dirty areas. The Celdeck filter pads will need cleaning too and eventually it will need to be replaced.

Healthy Cooling Concepts

The evaporative cooler provides definite health advantages. The cooler cleans and filters the air producing constant fresh air without dry air like refrigerated machines. The coolers maintain a very healthy level of moisture, which is good, not only for people, but also for furniture, flowers, books etc.

The coolers are ideal for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Dust particles, pollen and other air borne particulate contaminants are trapped in the Celdeck filter pads.

People working and living in this environment feel better and are less likely to be absent from work. Their concentration is enhanced by the negative ionisation of the air and therefore they make fewer mistakes and are motivated to work more effectively and boosting your productivity.

Evaporative Cooling as alternative to Refrigerated Air-Conditioning Systems 

Endless Applications

Evaporative coolers can be used anywhere. The most common applications are factories, shops, schools and offices. Evaporative coolers are also used in Domestic Homes because of its capital costs and energy utilization. Evaporative coolers can be plugged directly into most domestic points.


The Humidity will increase slightly with the use of evaporative coolers, but will not be evident unless adequate ventilation is allowed for. It is always suggested to allow at a ratio of one third of the total supplied air produced to be extracted through ventilation.

Spent air needs to escape from the space without hindrance through windows, doors or relief vents. The open circuit system reduces the possibility of sick building syndrome developing.

Increased humidity is beneficial. At low temperatures, humidity increases the feeling of coolness and a very dry atmosphere causes distress, overworking the humidifying action of the nasal passage. Humidity will solve these concerns.

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