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Turbine Roof Ventilators

Natural Ventilation 
The Tornado Turbine Ventilator is activated by natural convection and also allows it to be assisted by the wind. The rotating turbine action produces a positive extraction, which removes convicted heat and induces currents of fresh air producing a substantial cooling effect on people and the environment. The Tornado transforms hot stuffy conditions into optimum working and living conditions, enhance airflow, and improve indoor air quality.

The Tornado series is available in four sizes with a choice of galvanized, aluminium and chromadek, can also be colour coated on request. Galvanised Turbines have more durability and reliable structure to withstand high wind velocity and hailstorms. Aluminium Tornado’s are recommended for coastal regions with high corrosion factor.

The Tornado have been tested and evaluated by the University of Stellenbosh and proven to be of high quality and performance. The unique and worldwide patented bearing system operates from a totally different angle, which makes it more durable. The Tornado range carries a 5 Year warranty as apposed to 3 years from overseas products.

Cost Effectiveness
In comparison with Electric operated extractor fans, the Tornado ventilators are approximately 50% more cost effective. This is taken into consideration the Tornado ventilator is maintenance and operating cost free.

Environmental Impact & Productivity
Silent, clean and effective, the Tornado poses no environmental or pollution related threat. Upon installation, users continually report reduced stress and increased productivity due to a healthier work environment.

Turbine Specs and Installation

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