Sani-Vent / Angry Bird


The Angry Bird is a patented bird repellent unit that is normally installed on top of a rotating turbine or rotating sanitation vent. This rotating movement enables the Angry Bird to make a flashing light that scares off unwanted birds. Most people do not realize that birds have an acid in their droppings that with time eats away metal coated objects such as IBR Sheeting or corrugated Sheeting, thus making the metal rust and evaporate.

The Sanitation Vent (Sani-Vent) is a small unit made from polypropylene, making it withstand weather conditions such as the Sun and Hail. This unit is used to extract unwanted fumes from Sewerages, mobile toilets, and built in toilets/bathrooms. Thus keeping the air fresh and convenient for people’s sense of smell and health.

Product Options

Angry Bird Solo: (‘add on’) Simply attach the Angry Bird on top of your existing turbine ventilator by means of glue, rivets or screws. Ensure that the Angry Bird is centered and that the fixing method is waterproofed. To be used as an “add-on” to existing turbine ventilators resulting in ventilation and bird repellent in one.

Angry Bird Roto: This option includes the rotor that is attachable to various size poles (150mm-50mm) and parapet walls. Mostly used for sole purpose of a bird repellent e.g Agricultural, specific problematic areas of pest infested birds. It also can be used for drawing attention to a specific object e.g. signboard.

Angry Vent: This option includes a complete 250mm ABS ventilator or Tornado Turbine ventilator range to be mounted on most roofs. It also includes the base plate and adjustable throat fir this purpose. The Angry vent will ventilate your roof void as well as scare off unwanted birds. The all-in-one solution.

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